A box full of all of your selfcare needs! Therapy may not be accessable to everyone, but everyone is able to practice self healing through art. 


Have you ever looked at art and felt understood? Ever lit your favorite candle and instantly felt relaxed? Turned on your favorite song and some how just felt better? Or maybe made a cup of tea that made you feel warm and comforted. I created this box so that you can feel those feelings of comfort without any extra hassel. 


The Art Therpy box is designed to target your five sense, using all five to just simply relax. So, whats in the box?


  • Art, of course. Each box comes with either a print, adult coloring book, etc. This covers the vision portion of the box.
  • Hearbal tea! I've been perfecting the perfect blend of herbs for everything life may throw at you. Anxiety? I've got a tea for that. Blotted? I've got a tea for that. Cold/Flu? I've got a tea for that. There is so much power and healing in a cup of tea with the right blend of herbs.
  • A playlist. We all have that one song that just makes a bad day feel not so bad, or that song that just gets the mood you're in. Theres a QR code in each box that you can scan and it will take you straight to that play list that just gets you!
  • Do you smell that? You know that smell that just makes you want to cuddle in your favorite blanket after a long day. It can be a candle, incenses, or essential oil. Either way, it's in the box!
  • Feel me? Okay so this one will vary. From healing crystals to stress puddy. Just know, you'll be using your hands. 


Now that we've covered the bases, make sure to check out the Art Therapy box. Healing starts with you! You can't pour from an empty cup, but the box may have something you can pour into you to help!

Art Therapy Box

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Art Therapy Box
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  • Box items may vary every month; make sure to follow @shopurbaanmisfit on instagram to stay up to date on this months box.

    Some items may be sample size. For example, this months smell may be a candle from a guest small business. That way if you love what you recieved you can check out that business for the full size!